Like all good caddies, BackSpin Club Services works to help your club realize its full potential. Unlike full third-party management, BackSpin remains behind the scenes, providing back-office administrative services that help your club achieve its goals without giving up operational control. The board retains all decision-making authority and control of the club’s strategic vision – we just make it easier to achieve those goals. BackSpin administers the club’s laborious back-of-the-house administrative functions – and is available for strategic operational guidance, if requested.

How we help club boards and general manager sleep better at night

Not only will BackSpin help you implement our proven workplace safety initiatives to minimize accidents and workers compensation claims, we will also put our human resources expertise to work to ensure that you are limiting the number of employee claims, wrongful termination disputes, and other potential operational setbacks.  We will also ensure compliance with the latest government regulations, including: the Affordable Care Act and other employee healthcare requirements, as well as Department of Labor requirements regarding overtime rules, wages and employee classification.  Finally, we will audit your current practices and point out weaknesses related to employee background screenings, drug testing, and other workplace safety best practices.